2013 Washington Digital Public School Family Survey

The results are in!  We can’t thank you enough for participating in this year’s family survey, which helps us communicate to policymakers and the general public about the reasons parents choose their school and how it’s working for them.  Over 600 Washington families responded, which gave us an incredible snapshot of our schools.

We believe that every child learns differently, which is why the Washington public school system needs options that meet different needs.  The traditional classroom is a place where many children thrive.  But, many don’t.  According to the survey, here are some of the main reasons why families chose full-time virtual public school:

  • 43% of parents report that bullying or other inappropriate behavior in the classroom was inhibiting learning
  • 30% report that their children were falling behind academically
  • 28% have advanced learners who were not challenged in the classroom
  • 22% needed flexibility to give more time for an extracurricular activity
  • 19% have children with health issues that ruled out a traditional classroom
  • 15% have children with behavioral

Once upon a time, many of our kids would have simply fallen “between the cracks” in the system.  With the advancement of technology and some favorable public policies, however, every Washington child now has a chance to reach their full potential.

In addition to finding the environment they need to learn, our survey also found that they are finding the extra-curricular activities they need to socialize with peers.

The survey finds that 84% of virtual public school families have their students in some form of extra-curricular or socialization activity outside the home.  Some activities include:

  • 48% of families report their students are involved in youth organizations such as scouts, YMCA, clubs, or church activities
  • 39% are involved in sports
  • 32% are involved in volunteer service
  • 28% play a musical instrument
  • 21% are in theatre, dance, or the visual arts

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