2018 Voters' Guide

Dear Digital Public School Families,

Those of you who have supported our efforts over the years know that it’s elected state officials who will ultimately decide whether or not our digital public schools survive and thrive here in Washington.

As part of this parent coalition, your voice is critical to protect innovative public school options for our kids in Washington State. Please consider making your voice heard by:

Becoming an informed voter: To learn how candidates support digital public schools, we circulated a candidate questionnaire to every 2018 Washington State legislative candidate. Our 2018 Voters' Guide will help you find out if the candidates seeking to represent you in Olympia responded to our questionnaire. Not all candidates responded. It also shows what they said about digital public schools.

  • View the Voters' Guide. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order in the guide. Senate candidates and House candidates are listed on separate tabs in the guide.

  • If you don’t know who represents you or in which legislative district you live, look up your legislator to find out that information. Please note that this will link you to your legislative district and your current state legislators, some of whom may not be running for re-election or may not have responded to our candidate questionnaire.  

  • Most importantly, vote and return your ballot by November 6th.

Advocating for our children: It can be as little as sending an email to a legislator, making a phone call, attending Digital Learning Day at the Capitol on March 1, 2019 (a great way for kids to learn about state government!), or meeting with your elected representatives to tell them why a digital public school is the right fit for your child. 

  • Sign-up and let us know how you can help. Your voice will make a difference!

We hope this information is helpful, and we look forward to working with you in the 2019 legislative session to protect innovative, individualized public school options and access to quality digital public schools.


Sally Karr
Washington Digital Public Schools Alliance