2018 Family Survey

Dear Digital Public School Parent,

During this season of gratitude, I’m grateful that my sons have the opportunity to attend the Washington Virtual Academy. This education option has been a good fit for our family. My sons have thrived in this school setting and they have been able to learn at a pace that suits their needs.

Why did you choose a digital public school for your child? Was he learning at a different pace than his peers? Did she have difficulty functioning in a traditional school setting? Was he getting bullied in his traditional brick and mortar public school?

This is the kind of information we gather yearly from families so we can share data with policymakers about Washington’s digital public schools. Will you spend a few minutes taking the survey now?

One of the primary goals of the Washington Digital Public Schools Alliance is to inform state policymakers about this important education option and tell them why it’s the right fit for so many Washington families. Even though digital education has been around now for more than a decade, many in our government do not really understand what it is, how it works, its benefits or how it is funded. They don’t see the day-to-day learning that happens through instruction by dedicated teachers in digital public school classrooms with the use of high quality curriculum. They don’t understand the reasons why families have chosen this style of education for their kids.

With your help we can inform the debate surrounding digital public schools and let our legislators know how you and so many other Washington families have benefited from a digital public education.

Would you be willing to take a few minutes to fill out our survey and let us know why a digital public school option has been a good fit for your family? We will not share any of your individual responses unless you give us permission. The data will be aggregated and shared with Washington’s leaders on education policy.

Please pay particular attention to the survey question about photos and videos. If you’re willing to make a short video telling your virtual public school story or share some photos of your child, that will help us connect with legislators and ‘put a face’ on digital public education.

We have great digital public schools in Washington that are working well for our children. We might have different reasons for selecting our specific school, but all of our families share a common goal: We want our children to get the best education possible. 

Please add your voice to the discussion about online education by completing our survey and telling us why a digital public school is right for your family.

With the help of digital public school families across the state, we have been able to protect our funding in past legislative sessions, despite bills that threatened to reduce it significantly. There will be more challenges ahead and we are working hard to prepare for them now. With your help, we will be ready.


Sally Karr
President, Digital Public Schools Alliance - WA