CTE UPDATE: Urge Senate Ways and Means to approve CTE bill

Digital Public School Parent,

We need your help on a quick project. 2SHB1304 is moving through the legislative process. As you know, this bill would create a pilot program to determine how best to provide enhanced career and technical education (CTE) funds for Alternative Learning Experience Programs (ALE) — including for our online public school students. Both the full House of Representatives and the Senate Early Learning and K12 Education Committee have approved the bill. 2SHB1304 is now in the Senate Ways and Means Committee. 

Would you please take a few minutes to call your state senator, David Frockt, 360-786-7690, who is a member of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, to urge the committee to schedule a hearing on 2SHB1304 and approve the bill. Please call as soon as possible to urge your support.

This is what you can say when you call:
“I’m the parent of an online school student. I urge the Ways and Means Committee to schedule a hearing and support 2SHB1304 so our public school students can have robust CTE programs that integrate work into learning and provide our children skills that will lead to jobs in their future. Thank you.”

We want to make sure that this bill continues to move through the legislative process and is signed into law. We need your help to make sure that happens! Thank your for your quick response to this request and for all you do to support digital public schools.

Sally Karr
President, Digital Public Schools Alliance - WA