Welcome to the Digital Public Schools Alliance website! The alliance is a coalition of parents, like myself, who chose a full-time or part-time online public school for their children, an education option we work hard to preserve.

Every student and family involved in digital public school chooses it for different reasons. Whether it’s accelerated or delayed learning, schedule-heavy extra-curricular activities, physical or learning disabilities, or the need to escape bullying, our kids require the individualized education and alternative environment online schooling provides.

Over the past several years, parents and students worked together to educate state policymakers about the importance of digital public schools. To continue making progress towards educating policymakers on the importance of access, choice, sustainable funding and quality programs in digital public schools, your parent voice needs to be heard. Your participation makes a real difference to decision makers in this state. 

Please take a few minutes to explore our website, learn about our families, and sign-up to support our effort. I also encourage you to attend our Digital Learning Day at the Capitol, which will be held in Olympia on March 1, 2019.   This event is a great opportunity to meet other digital public school families and learn about our state government. 



Sally Karr