Digital Public Schools Alliance is made up a diverse group of parents from across the state with students of a variety of ages, going to different schools, and in full time and part time digital school programs. DPSA parents are involved and engaged, along with their students, in securing a bright future for digital schools in Washington state.

Family Testimonies 

Carolyn B.
Chimacum, WA

Both kids have been digital school students for 9 years, and they have been able to pursue their passions because of the flexibility of virtual schooling. Digital learning has helped them develop into strong independent learners with intellectual curiosity and ambition.  Life-long community volunteers, both kids love "giving back to their community and feeling like they are making a difference; for example, they have volunteered over 400 hours at Center Valley Animal Rescue and created a promotional video. Owen and Amelia have made many good friends of all ages by participating in numerous and varied activities in the community, and they regularly get together with their best friends for fun social activities.

Victorina S.
Tukwila, WA

Insight is providing my daughter with a chance.  That's all we wanted and asked for, and now she has a chance to succeed and do what she wants to do in life with her art as well as social services helping with abused, bullied and battered kids.  To our family the importance is this: my daughter has a chance now, because she didn't have to drop out and quit or worse. Being given a chance to succeed to us means more than the fruits from actually being successful. 

Stacey R.
Mukilteo, WA

Makenna has high anxiety. She needs gentle transitions and a regimented day. Any changes can throw her for a loop. She is able to manage her day on her own with my support. She works independently well and can choose the subject she wants to do first. Plus, she has a little dog that calms her and helps her relax and focus. 

Jessica J.
Camano Island, WA

Since I have been in an environment where I am judged based on my ideas, and not appearances, I have learned to become confident in myself and my ideas. Because I am not locked into a rigid social structure that is often found in a normal school setting, I am free to follow my own path in life. The decisions I make are based on my own sense of self. Thus, online schooling has helped me to develop into the person I was meant to be. 

Rachel S.
Kirkland, WA

My daughter was being bullied at school. Every day was a struggle to fit in. She became depressed and would suffer from panic and anxiety attacks at school. The school was not able to help us because the bullying was not physical. But Lauren suffered deep emotional and mental pain. I am very grateful that digital public school was an option for us. Lauren is very smart and now she is in an environment where she is appreciated and can be herself.